Currently most of my time is spent caring for the youngers and elders in my family.

In the past I spent most of my time as a natural builder and carpenter, as an author, oral historian and lecturer, as a teacher, as a small house activist, and as a coordinator of international exchange programs.  A long time ago I worked in international community development and relief.

I was born in Baja Arizona, in a quiet place outside of the city.  My first playmates were wild animals. Although I now live in the center of town, as I watch my children and see what most attracts them I remember that I have always been most informed and persuaded by the natural, wild things, the non-human beings that are still around us.

I created this website as a way to post new information about my current public activities and also to hold some information about my  past activities that I think may still be of use to someone, but is currently unavailable because the websites that now hold that information are only accessible via the web archives.