Lama 2014 Composting Toilet Seminar Findings

Last summer’s Composting Toilet Seminar at the Lama Foundation was pleasant and informative.  We were a small group and we spent most of our time for two weeks interviewing people at Lama about their toileting practices,  reading about various composting systems, and hearing from specialists about what we should consider when designing a new system.  Finally, we made recommendations, which are summarized in the following two documents:

summary.composttoiletseminar.findings.2014   and


Next summer  (June or July of 2015) we expect to build a few Arboloos, and one fossa alterna, and a few new pee screens. Stay posted if you are interested in participating.

One $5000 donation was raised from a donor toward the construction of a central system, and we hope this summer to lobby the residents and Council to make a central system a priority for 2016.



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